Red Bull Energy Drinks

we are a genuine and solid provider of vitality drinks,coca cola jars . as an official provider with the selective rights to disperse, our beverages are 100% ensured as unique. get in touch with us with your email and for us to send you more subtle elements.

Highlights :

  • Pressing: 24 x 250 ml jars for every therapist wrapped plate.
  • 32 beds in 40 ft holder/26 beds for every 20 ft compartment
  • 108 plate in every bed
  • 24 jars in every plate
  • Inception: Austria
  • Month to month amounts: 100 x 40 FCL
  • Wellbeing vitamin vitality drink,bring you more nourishment and more grounded.
  • Wellbeing fixing and great taste with bring down cost for pick.
  • Expiry date: at the very least year and a half

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